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Ernest G. Ianetti, Esq.
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For Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, and Family Law in northern New Jersey, choose a law firm that draws on a 30 year tradition of practical experience.

Headquartered in Morris County, New Jersey, Ernest G. Ianetti, Esq., represents clients in Bankruptcy, Family Law, and Criminal Law.

Our services include Chapter 7, 11 & 13 bankruptcy cases, litigated family law matters, including domestic violence and child custody cases, and all aspects of criminal law.

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We craft personalized solutions to the most challenging legal problems.

Practice Areas

Bankruptcy 7, 13, 11 & Debt Relief

Are you struggling with debt? The Law Office of Ernest G. Ianetti, Esq. can help you make a fresh start. We work closely with you to examine all debt relief options and propose practical solutions. We offer customized strategies and payment plans tailored to your needs.

Family Law & Domestic Violence

Divorce, domestic violence and child custody cases are high stakes, high stress, legal matters. To achieve the best outcome for our clients and their children, we favor mediation and compromise. But, if negotiations break down, we’ll litigate your case and fight for your rights.

Criminal Defense & Appeals

Ernest G. Ianetti began his career working with Raymond A. Brown, Esq., one of the nation’s foremost criminal defense and civil rights attorneys. The Ianetti firm has represented criminal defendants involved in white collar crimes, Medicaid fraud, violent crimes, including capital matters, and street crimes.

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